Astralis is a leading esports organization, currently operating eight teams under the Astralis brand; in Counter-Strike (CS:GO), League of Legends (LoL), and FIFA.
Through a pioneering approach to performance and by advocating a positive, balanced lifestyle, the Astralis Performance Model has proved groundbreaking in the esports industry. The strategic performance approach is a base value throughout the organization, as well as the basis for developing all teams under a shared performance-, branding- and business- model.

While Astralis may have pioneered the esports IPO launch, it could set the precedent for more organizations to follow suit, making way for further investment in the rapidly growing global industry. Additionally, Astralis' decision to open up shares to the public is further bolstering esports as a rival to film, music, and sports in the entertainment industry. As esports is still a relatively new field, Astralis aims to help educate the market through a continuous high level of information
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